The Best 60-inch Plasma TV 2014

Plasma TVs may be regarded as old technology by consumers since its updated counterparts HD LED TVs and LCD TVs are now dominating the market. Plasmas are perceived as larger and very inconvenient since these are bulkier compared to slimmer and more sophisticated –looking models. But what most consumers don’t know is that pictures appear clearer, better and sharper in plasma than in other conventional models.

The price of plasma TVs are clearly more affordable than updated LED and LCD models making consumers want to buy more. And when it comes to plasma TVs, the larger the screen the better! More consumers say that they prefer huge 60-inch plasma models than any other size since these offer the most features along with an attractive size.

Check out some Best 60 inch HDTV for 2014

And so it is time to find out which is the best 60-inch plasma TV 2014 model and what makes this model the best. According to consumers and TV reviews online there are several models that you should watch out for this coming New Year. Yes it is hard to choose the best among so many promising brands and models therefore here are a few of the best among the best:

  • The LG 60PN6500 60-inch 1080p 600Hz Plasma TV

The LG 60PN6500 features a thin screen with a flawless edge. The picture looks clearer, the colors more vibrant and the images are clear as crystal. You can tell that size really matters in this plasma TV since LG has made the design chic and very modern. It has amazing features, a lot of connectivity options and a reliable customer service which are just some of the popular features that consumers are looking for in a large 60-inch plasma TV.

Plasma TV

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  • LG 60PN5700 60-Inch Class 1080p 600Hz Plasma TV with Smart TV

This exquisite plasma HDTV is the best in its class with eye-catching beauty, the most interesting features and the widest and the most colorful screen that you will ever see in any brand. This model includes a Smart TV function that allows you to control the TV using hand gestures, voice recognition and facial features.

Check out the details of LG 60PN5700 on Amazon

  • Panasonic TC –P60VT60 60-inch 1080p 600Hz Smart Plasma HDTV
Panasonic TC –P60VT60 60-inch 1080p 600Hz Smart Plasma HDTV

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This is a plasma TV that has all the works. It has Smart technology that allows you to control and access the TV menu using voice, facial features and gestures. It is also 3D capable so you can view 3D programming, movies and channels. Your purchase includes a pair of 3D glasses. This is one of the remaining Panasonic plasma models for 2014. Panasonic will discontinue manufacturing plasma TVs this year.

  • Vizio E601i –A3 60-inch 1080p 120Hz Razor Smart HDTV
Vizio E601i –A3 Plasma HDTV

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Vizio plasma TVs has the best quality despite the affordable price. This model features a razor sharp display with edgeless features, smart controls and menu access. Be sure to check out these great features if you are shopping for a 60-inch plasma TV for the New Year. Compare features so you can be able to find the best value for your money as well.

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